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Amanat Ali is not going for Saregamapa World Tour

Its indeed a sad news that Amanat Ali is not going on the Saregamapa World Tour. Amanat Ali has got some throat problem and he is unable to join the world tour. Initially it was not sure about his participation in world tour but now its confirmed that he will not be part of world tour. In recently released UK posters shows all participants but Amanat is missing. Have a look at this poster .

In his Orkut account Amanat wrote “”yeah i talked to vinni didi today she was telling me about you and the show,,,oh you enjoyed the show thats great,,,,,even i miss all of them very much,,but i have to get all well with my voice,,,,,then i hope i will be there for concerts someday…….anyway tell all the girls DIL THAAM KER BETHOOOOOO!!!!!!!! he he he!!!!!!! m so sorry for breaking their hearts,,,,i dont wanna do that actually,,,m really unable to come for these concerts as you know very well,,,,my voice is unwell..but i hope someday i will come and rock InshALLAH….anyway you can send it to me on my yahoo email….ok take care….bubye….GODBLESS YOU .”

The other contestants on the tour are Raja Hasan, Harpeet Deol, Mussarat Abbas, Junaid Sheikh, Poonam Yadav, Mauli Dave, Aneek Dhar and Sumedha Karmahe. Junaid and Mussarat initially have got problem with visa but they will join the tour sooner. Poonam had some family problem but she is also expected to join the tour.

Golden Collection of Amanat Ali – all songs of Amant Ali

Here we bring the ‘Golden Collection of Amanat Ali’. This includes all the songs sung byAmanat Ali in Saregamapa Challenge 2007. These songs are in mp3 format so that you can download these songs on your computer.

To Download a song

1. Click on the song link and it will take you to Rapidshare page..
2. Just scroll down to get the free option Here is the Screenshot
3. Click on the ‘free’ button and it will take you to download option page. Just scroll down until you get ‘Certification code’. screenshot is here. Put the ‘certification code’ and clik on download. Your file will start to download

We will update this collection as the show progress…

Go to ‘Golden Collection of Amanat Ali’ for more songs

Here are the songs in alphabetical order…

1. Aie Mere Pyare Watan
2. Bijuriya
3. Chori Chori Chupke Se
4. Dil Lutiya
5. Fiza
6. Hame Tumse Pyar Kitna
7. Jane Kaha Gaye Wo Din
8. Jhoka Hawaka
9. Kabhi To Najar Milao
10. Khadi Aa Mil
11. Kuch Mere Dil Ne Kaha
12. Mere Naina
13. Mitawa
14. Parda Hai Parda
15. Rangeen
16. Rasme Ulfat
17. Sawan Bita Jaye
18. Tera Jadu Chal Gaya
19. Ya Rabba
20. Ye Hosla
21. With Junaid and Mussarat – Jazzbat Junun

Amanat Ali started Bollywood Career – sang for two Bollywood Films

Saregamapa is a platform which has given so many singers to the film industry like Shreya Ghoshal, Kunal Ganjawala. It is the dream of every contestat to be there in the recording room and give their voice for playback singing. And this dream has come true for Amant Ali. Amanat Ali, who is often called Dubai ke Mahabali has bagged the opportunity to give playback in two Bollywood films.

Amanat has recorded the title song for K C Boakdia’s ‘Junoon’ and another song for director Shamir Tandon’s untitled film. Amanat is very excited at having got the opportunity so early in life. He says, “I can’t express how happy I am. It was very nice of Bappi Da to recommend my name for playback singing.

I more excited about the fact that I got a solo song which one doesn’t get very easily.” Incidentally, Amanat got only two hours to rehearse for this song before he could record it. He says, “I was at Bappi Da’s house. He was going for a bath. He told me to check if I could sing this song by the time he had a bath. I realised I could sing the song and I got only two hours before I could actually record it.”

His biggest pride lies in the fact that the song he sung for Shamir Tandon’s film has stalwarts like Asha Bhosle and Shankar Mahadevan too giving their voices. “It is just unbelievable to have my and Ashaji’s voice in one song. It has always been my dream to sing with the legend,” Amanat says. However, Amanat is little disappointed about the fact that he didn’t record with Asha. Amanat who is the winner of ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – Pakistan Middle East Challenge’ made a direct entry to competition.

Pakistani by birth, Amanat says he doesn’t want to return to his country. He says, “I have decided to stay here. This is the place that will give me the opportunity to grow and establish myself as a solo singer.”

Though, he would make intermittent trips to Pakistan as he is a lead singer of a classical band called Meekaal Hasan there.

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This Week Spoiler – Mauli at the Top and Amanat at bottom three?

I can’t believe it but it seems to be true. If the sources to believe, can you guess who is at the top this week? No its not Raja..nor Aneek and not even Mussarat..Its Mauli Dave from USA who got the maximum votes and she is the number one for this week ( I pray to God this wont be true). If its true I will bet you this is totally manipulated by Zee TV to increase its TRP. For the heaven sake, don’t play with emotions of millions music lovers (and don’t insult music).

But more shocking news is that Amanat and Harpreet are at the bottom three along with Abhijeet Kosambi. I don’t want to spoil the suspense by revealing who got out. But it’s really crossing the limits by putting Amaant at the bottom three.

I hope its not true. I hope ..I hope ..I hope

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Amant Ali’s Yeh hausla worthy of Ismail Darbar’s Special Gift

In the last episode of ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007’, Pakistani contestant Amanat Ali, rendered the number ‘Yeh hausla’ (‘Dor’) with such passion and precision that he left all the mentors spellbound.

But the biggest compliment came from Amanat’s mentor Ismail Darbar, who announced that Amanat was a contestant, worthy of receiving ‘the special gift’ from him. It may be recalled that a few weeks ago, Darbar had revealed his intention of giving away his most valuable acquisition of 25 years to the best contestant in the show. But he hadn’t revealed what the gift is. Although it is speculated that the special gift could be the one and only award that Darbar has won for composing the music in the film ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ or it may be the violin.

Here is the video of Amanat Ali’s spectaculat performance on ‘Ye Hosala’ (from movie Dor – original singer Shafaqat Ali Khan)

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Pakistani Singers fed up with vegetarian food in Mumbai

The five Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 contestants Wasi Effendi, Junaid Sheikh, Mussarrat Abbas, Sikander Ali and Amanat Ali are fed up with the vegetarian food being served to them at their temporary residence in Mumbai.

Says a source from the Sa Re Ga… team, “The Pakistani contestants are hard-core non-vegetarians. They have to settle for veggies as the cook is Brahmin and he refuses to cook any non-veg food. They were so frustrated that eggs were smuggled in and cooked when the cook was away.”

The Paki-quintet even thought up a prank for non-veg food. The source says, “They made up a story about how the channel has asked for a cookery competition and the best cook (of course, of non-veg food) will win!”

Culinary setbacks notwithstanding, the Pakistani contestants are having a whale of a time in India. Says the show’s creative head Payaol Patel, “The whole idea of the vishwa-yudh started with the idea that the sargam and gayaki is the same in India as in Pakistan. While there are many opportunities in India for talent to be showcased, in Pakistan, due to the controlled TV, not many shows are open for participation.”

Now when at least a few of the Pakistani contestants may make it to the top, there’s a chance the desi contestants may get hostile about outsiders stealing the limelight.

Patel doesn’t buy the belief that the desi contestants are resentful of their Pak counterparts. “The bahar ke log theory is a figment of the negative imagination. We are responsible for the borders that we have created. Today, in India, Pakistani singers have been accepted. There is absolutely no resentment among the contestants on religious grounds. There definitely is a lot of competition between participants of a show. In fact, a lot of Indian participants are trying to learn Pakistani music…a mix of sufi, Punjabi and folk.

“The five Pakistanis have been seeing Mumbai in their free time. They have visited Gateway of India, Haji Ali, Siddhivinayak Temple, Juhu beach, Esselworld. And a special trip to eat Mumbai’s vada pav!” laughs Patel, “How it was relished! One of the Pakistani contestants, Wasi, had requested for them. He called them aloo bandh!”

Source – (IANS)

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Amant Ali – Faisalabad, Pakistan

Amanat Ali from Pakistan in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007Amant Ali is one of the strongest contestant of saregamapa challenge 2007 show. He is from Faisalabad, Pakistan but he was selected from Dubai Audition. This cute looking boy is just 19 years old. He belongs to Ismail Darbar’s Yalgar Gharana

His Memories: “At the age of 16 I organized a musical show for my school. At my head mistress’s wedding I organized a musical show and got Rs.50000. Also when I met Nusrat fateh Ali khan sahib.I am an ardent fan of his and got an opportunity to perform in his presence. Nusrat sahib was impressed & gave me an “amanat” of Rs 500/ as a prize.I still treasure this memorable gift.”

His hobbies are Playing Cricket, snooker, and going for long drive. His Favorite personality is Sonu Nigam and Shahrukh Khan.

Current Status at Challenge 2007:

1. First Stage – Green Signal on First Performance
He sung “Mere Naina Sawan Badh” and got green card from Ashaji and entered in 2nd round

His First Performance on Saregamapa:

Picture Gallery:

Amanat Ali from Pakistan in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007
Amanat Ali from Pakistan in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007
Amanat Ali from Pakistan in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007
Amanat Ali from Pakistan in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007
Amanat Ali from Pakistan in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007
Amanat Ali from Pakistan in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007
Amanat Ali from Pakistan in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007
Amanat Ali from Pakistan in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007
Amanat Ali from Pakistan in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007

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