40 thoughts on “Saregamapa 2011 Videos – 8th July Episode

  1. Azmat is a better singer than any other contestant existing on the show! why was he eliminated? Was this just for the drama? The drama is not worth the kids tears you know. Why do you make Azmat cry all the time?

  2. It was really unbelivable that azmat has elemenated. in fact the challenge round ? i dont understand. Javed ali puting azmat in challenge round because he is strong or weak? At least azmat is best than few other champs i m sure


  4. It saddened me today to see my favourite contestant, Azmat, leave the show. Although he would have left eventually, since he is still very young and there are older and more experienced contestants, – there are still kids on the show who are weaker singers than him, and should have left before him. That’s if this show was fair of course. On another note – why on earth was the decision for elimination between Salman and Azmat? Salman – really? He is undoubtedly top 3 material, at the least, and a serious contender to be the winner. Why did Khailesh put him in the challenge round? It’s such a joke. I mean, what exactly is the point of the challenge round? It is upsetting that the judges are playing some weird strategy game which is putting all the strong contestants in the challenge round and risking their elimination, while weaker contestants are still safe.

  5. It is sad that ajmat has been eliminated. in fact he is one of the most fabulous singer. but all this happen because of Javed. Everyone knows he has been playing politics since day 1. He put ajmat in challenge round not because ajmat is weak but because he is very very strong. And so when he comes to know that other children sang very well he put ajmat in the challenge round because he thought that ajmat will never be eliminated but he forgot that alka yagnik is the mahaguru who has been in this line long before him….

  6. Azmath should not have been eliminated. Stupid decision, stupid decision. Alka the Bengali bias Yagnik.

  7. Guru Javed is to be blamed for the fiasco. He should be out for playing politics. He knew if Krisnendu was picked he would have been eliminated. He protected the weak and put Azmat so that he would retain his team. Also the same goes for Guru Adnan. Based on yesterday’s performance Barnali was better than Shristi. Why did he put Barnali to go through the elimination? The only Guru who who is playing fair is Guru Kailash. Shame on you Guru Javed. Let the best one win. Please do not play politics. Also Guru Javed picking on small mistakes is irritating to watch. These kids are singing live.

  8. eliminiating azmat is becoz to increase TRP of serial. but eliminating him looses my interest in the show and quiting to watch it. as azmat have no competition among any children he should be compete with senior singers and lets see who can beat him …… :( sad and incorrect decison

  9. but they have to be eliminated and finally only one will win … thats the real competition..but all 12 ARE GREAT SINGERS and that doesn’t mean that they all are winners .!!!

  10. azmat is quite younger as compared to the other contestants. he is a great singer but if u notice carefully his voice is not crystal clear,the words which he sing are not clearly heard because he is very young contestant ,… he is a true singer of indian classics and will surely win any competition after some years..

  11. how can you say all these things that he has no competitor among all others … let us remain the task of elimination in the hands of 4 major singers…….

  12. let us remain the task of elimination in the hands of 4 major singers…….they know well who is better..

  13. I honestly dont believe tht azmat is out of the competition. He deserve to be there and win the competition. He is so wounder full, his voice really touches our heart. plz bring him back.

  14. We Want Azmat…………. we know that azmat is not versatile but what gives hapiness to heart cant be eliminated.. when we hear Azmat we feel like in heaven…. when all of the 4 gurus say him USTAODO KE USTAD and eliminate him then it creats a doubt on the credibility of the coments the gurus make.. and we beleive in KAILASH … ADNAN AND ALKA…………….. JAVED IS NEW FOR US BUT REST 3 ARE EQUAL TO SACHIN TENDULKAR… SO U CAN UNDERSTAND WHAT I MEAN……………….SO BRING BACK AZMAT AND DONT COMPARE HIM FOR VERSATILITY JUST PURE JOY GOD HEAVEN IS ENOUGH FOR US LITTLE PEOPLES OF INDIA

  15. What has been done by alka and javed is not acceptable………….how can you compare AZMAT with any of the singers in competition you call it emotional or heart …….. its not acceptable he is the best singer ……. let me put it straight …..AZMAT. …….SANJANA…..SALMAN….NITIN…..NILADRI TOP 5 NO ONE ELSE DESERV’S TOP 5 WHY ELIMINATE SALMAN WHY NOT TRAIN HIM FOR VERSATILITY……….. HE IS THE BEST SOUL SINGER …WHY ELIMINATE HIM THIS WAS HIS SHOW .. WE SEE IT FOR HIM NOT FOR ANY ONE ELSE HE “AZMAT” AND SANJANA””””””””””””””””” THE BEST ONES …….ONLY AZMAT IS ROCK STAR WE LOVE HIM AND WE WILL WAIT FOR NEXT 10 YEARS FOR HIM TO BE THE GREATEST SINGER OF INDIA …………….BIGGEST SINGER OF INDIA………..SUFI….. GAZALS……DEVOTIONAL….EVERYTHING HE IS GOING TO ROCK

  16. I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with one point: Guru Kailash is also playing politics. All three of the judges are, unfortunately. Why has Guru Kailash chosen Salman to go through to the challenge round consistently, when Anmol could have easily been picked (ie, Anmol is probably of equal talent as Salman, and his performances have certainly not been better so as to warrant him being safe from the challenge round, but not Salman). It’s like the Krishnendu example you gave – Anmol could potentially be eliminated but in the case of Salman, who is clearly a top contender along with Nitin, Kailesh knows Alka will not eliminate him, hence he keeps putting him in the challenge round. I really feel these judges need to put aside their own egos and remember that they are dealing with children.

  17. Maya,

    This is not fair to say Guru Kailash is also playing politics at this in this case. This is the first time he has to chose between Anmol and Salman. Both of them are good. If he had picked Anmol, he would have been criticized also.

    The other two Gurus did not select their weakest and that is why I complained them being unfair. Guru Adnan should have selected Shristi and Guru Javed should have selected Krishnendu. By selecting Azmat over Krishnendu, he showed his incompetence to be sitting on that chair. A Guru should not discriminate.


  18. Purna,

    I agree a Guru should not discriminate. But I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree, because from what I have seen, Guru Kailash is also playing politics. He is no better or worse than the other two.
    Actually, this is not the first time Guru Kailash chose between Salman and Anmol. The week of July 2nd, Guru Khailash chose Salman for the challenge round, over Anmol. I watched those performances again, and once more, thought Salman was stronger than Anmol. Why did Guru Khailesh choose him? The only reason that is apparent to me is that he is picking his stronger contestants for the challenge round so that they’ll survive it, and his team will be safe from elimination. After all, this is what Guru Javed and Adnan are doing – so what makes Guru Kailesh exempt? Further, the week before that, on June 25th, Guru Kailesh chose Salman for the challenge round, also making the decision between him and Anmol. Granted, Anmol had the hero of the week title that week, but even so, Salman’s performance was on par with Anmol’s that week too. This week again, he chose Salman over Anmol. In total, Guru Khailesh has chosen Salman for the challenge round three times consecutively, each and every time selecting him over Anmol. Am I supposed to believe that Salman was the weaker performer of the two, three weeks in a row? I think not. I would say he was the stronger of the two – which is exactly why he was placed in the challenge round time and time again. Because he survived it, and Guru Kailesh’s team remained intact.
    These are just my thoughts though, by no means some ultimate truth. :)

  19. I am very upset about the Azmat elimination. Where I understand that we are not justify with him. He is already god gifted.

  20. I am very upset that Azmat is OUT…that is not fair…please bring him back or else I know about 50 families who will STOP watching the show if he is not there….Very bad Decision!!!!!

  21. How can you praise Azmat to be a great singer and then kick him out on the same night?????? I only watched the show because of him and sanjana because I know they are both good….this is not good for the Saregama show to kick your best singer and most popular and loved singer out like this when others remaining are not better than him………BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. its very much unfair with azmat being a such good singer he has to go out bcoz of dirty politics in the competition i dont think from now onwords anybody will be interested to wach call saregamapa in this way you people are not ancouraging new generation please be honest with them..not a good and honest decision!!!!

  23. Dear Narender Hope you are not a singer.. so dont tell like this.. Thanks…..As i guess Alka is not eligible for Mahaguru, Azmat is the one of the best singer among all. He should be with in 10. Mahaguru dont have rights for eliminates … as he is having Unique tone. g.. Ye.. NAINSAFI HE Mahaguru.. !! we want AZMAT BACK…!!! If not then god kavi b Map nehi karenge Mahaguru…!! let it the decision in public hand..!! i mean he sould be with in 10 rank. I know you are a great singer but it dose not mean you will spoil some one life..!! I already stooped to see Saregamapa… i would have only one show in TV… that also closed for you only Maha GURU.!! we want Azmat PLSSSSSSSS… !! Ye insaf nehi he..!!!!

  24. Dear Narender..Yes we all are Know only one little champ will be win.. but Azmat should be with in Ten.. then public should decide..!! and not Mahaguru..!!

  25. Dear MR. Aurup… as per your comment above looking like you are a great singer but hope its not..!! AZMAT is that such a singer who should have completely eligibility for Rank with in 10..!!! then public should decide it who will eliminate.. we want that only..!!

  26. Elimination Of AZMAT reminds me of a great singer MASTER MADAN .

    To sit on a judge’s chair and give the false judgment under some pressurre
    is a great sin and to kill their own conscience as well..

    Elemination of AJMAT is an unpardonable blunder .I, a senior citizen of 72years,
    pray that god may punish the guilty judges in equally and exactly the same way,
    they have done to an upcoming talent of great potential and thereby rendering a
    severe blow to his admiring fans as well.

    I request the organizers of this show to give this responsibility to some deserving
    persons or else they should stop this show for

    AzmaT is the life and soul of the programme without whom it would loose it’s
    Life and luster. Programmes are designed by the directors, conducted by the artists
    and made ‘successful’ by the audience.


  27. elimination of azmat ALKA YAGNIK what a hippocratic ,she should be eliminated from the mahaguru judge .she and kalish were praising all the episode.its like saying delicious food and leaving with all the food and walking, i used to watch little because of azmat, please let the (janta) public decide . thank you hope to see azmat back so i can watch sa ra ga—–reply asap a die heart fan

  28. Azmat will come back,its only for trp !
    All are singing well but khatri is khatara for all, aur Azmat ko to wapas aana hi hai 100% !

  29. Azmat’s journey to this show has been stopped ( not ended) out of compulsion and not out of choice as someone has to be eliminated among the boys. In other words he has fallen victim to the rules of the show and his elimination has nothing to do with his singing talent. Decision making becomes really tough when there is a cut throat competition as it was. So called Gurus & Mahaguru were also perplexed. I am not blaiming either Z TV or judges at the show,ultimately they have recognised Azmat’s talent and provided us with an opportunity to listen to such a soulful voice. All credit goes to Z TV,Gurus and Mahaguru but at the same time they all need to review their judgement made on that particular day.
    The moment his elimination was announced I broke into tears and thought how he would be feeling at that moment and feared that this may not affect his singing talent at this tender age .I wished I could launch a channel of my own dedicated to this little singer(out of emotion). When I came to know that there will be wild card entries to this show later on,I prayed to Almighty that if I listen to his voice once again at this stage,I will pay a visit to Khwaja’s Dargah at Ajmer.
    His voice touches our soul or rather refine our souls in the manner our perspective towards this world changes.It takes you somewhere else and all of sudden your feeling changes and you start falling in love with everyone and everything appears more beautiful than ever.It changes your heart and more importantly aspires you to be a good human being.He has been bestowed upon with such a soulful voice and innocent face that nothing evil can come to your mind while seeing him singing.He touches the right node of our heart with his divine voice,he is just unparallel.
    So my message as well as request is that bring him back to this show as he is a messenger of love send by God to spread the message of love through his divine voice.In fact I believe he will be back and I will pay visit to Khwaja’s Dargah.
    Thank you.

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