Little Champs 2011 – 16th July Episode videos

Here are videos of 16th July episode of little champs 2011. Niladri Chatterji from Adnan Sami team become hero of the week. This week’s special – Ahmed Ali, Parvez Hasan and Parvez Babloo The Patiala Boys came for a special performance on the Jugni.

Little champs 2011 videos – 16th July episode – Part I

33 thoughts on “Little Champs 2011 – 16th July Episode videos

  1. please please i requested to all cool guru’s and maha guru to bring azmat back asap. please please please please please please

  2. Azmat elimination shocked us and since that date we left watching the saregamapa show. We didn’t understand yet why he was eliminated. We requested Zee TV to bring him back otherwise million’s already stop watching the show and it can be increased.

  3. i also request toooooooooooooooooooooo aaaaalllllllllllllllll team to back azmat back to the show otherwise all people stope the show here in my colony plsssssssss i request to z tv

  4. I have been Watching Srgm lil champs,with dedication.I thought this so far has been the best lil champs,except when i saw little Azmat being eliminated,which was an injustice, as if it was a conspricy.I could understand if this was done towards the end,not now.We used to look forward to seeing and hearing him.He was a life of the show.Pl. bring him back with a wild card.We will boycott this show if this is not done. Parveen,Houston,TX.

  5. we did’t understand yet why he was eleminat pls bring azmat back…
    Without azmat we dont like saregamapa. Request you pls pls pls bring azmat back.

  6. Azmat’s journey to this show has been stopped ( not ended) out of compulsion and not out of choice as someone has to be eliminated among the boys. In other words he has fallen victim to the rules of the show and his elimination has nothing to do with his singing talent. Decision making becomes really tough when there is a cut throat competition as it was. So called Gurus & Mahaguru were also perplexed. I am not blaiming either Z TV or judges at the show,ultimately they have recognised Azmat’s talent and provided us with an opportunity to listen to such a soulful voice. All credit goes to Z TV,Gurus and Mahaguru but at the same time they all need to review their judgement made on that particular day.
    The moment his elimination was announced I broke into tears and thought how he would be feeling at that moment and feared that this may not affect his singing talent at this tender age .I wished I could launch a channel of my own dedicated to this little singer(out of emotion). When I came to know that there will be wild card entries to this show later on,I prayed to Almighty that if I listen to his voice once again at this stage,I will pay a visit to Khwaja’s Dargah at Ajmer.
    His voice touches our soul or rather refine our souls in the manner our perspective towards this world changes.It takes you somewhere else and all of sudden your feeling changes and you start falling in love with everyone and everything appears more beautiful than ever.It changes your heart and more importantly aspires you to be a good human being.He has been bestowed upon with such a soulful voice and innocent face that nothing evil can come to your mind while seeing him singing.He touches the right node of our heart with his divine voice,he is just unparallel.
    So my message as well as request is that bring him back to this show as he is a messenger of love send by God to spread the message of love through his divine voice.In fact I believe he will be back and I will pay visit to Khwaja’s Dargah.
    Thank you.

  7. Elimination of lil azmat is totally wrong and it seems full partiality taken by alka mem. She miss judged him she said last saturday that he didn’t sung well that moment. But i want ask you mem “who were there giving him very good remaks like khan sahab you are kamaal”. He was always getting good remarks from the cool gurus. And suddenly what happend there. We all ffriends are too upset and left watching show. Please Azmat back to the show. Unless a big loss of t.r.p you cost. Is there any setting in your show? If this is like that let tell public who is the winner of this session. Alka mem not judging well this session.
    From my point of view elimination must be public voting basis from the begining of the show. Not on partility basis.
    Alka mem let me tell when Salman is going to eliminate from the show? Since you have already took the discision when one is going to left the show.

  8. I still want to hear something good news about Azmat.It has become like our crusade to bring him back.I cannot understand why he had to be included in the challenge.He was not a poor singer.It looks like somebody wanted to eliminate him.

  9. when elimenet azmat from that time i don,t want to watch little champ….y i don,t know ..u knows all gurus and maha gurus….?thankss

  10. Dun like d maha guru. mayb there is a conspiracy of eliminating of both Azmat n Salman

  11. I am not agree with the format of the show because at the end of this show a boy and girl will win not voice. But i requested the management of saregamapa to bring azmat back please please please please please please.

  12. we miss Azmat without azmat the saregamapa stage seems it still required someone to come and rock the show like Azmat.

  13. All kids that come in this show are amazing talent, including the ones who have been eliminated like azmat, but I simply go in tears when sanjana sings, I pray to god to bless me with a daughter like sanjana, I am sure her parents must be feeling on top of the world, luv you so very very very much sweatheart you are an angel and a gods special gift to all of us bache

  14. how I wish I can once meet sanjana, is it possible beta, if you get time when you are in delhi if ever do let me know, it will be the best moment to hug you once bache, hope your parents give you that permission

  15. rimsha

    oh my god you r simply barbie, very adorable, bahut bahut ashirvad bache aise hi rehna humesha luv u so very very much like I luv your singing

  16. i m from saudi arebia,i request you to plesae return back azmat, bicouse w/azmat shaw is not all gurus ask azamat voice is god gift so y u alimenet azmat.please call back azmat

  17. i am also viewer of this show sa re ga ma pa plz bring a azmat in this show by white card entry and give a suprise gift for audience…. thanks

  18. dear all viewers any of chanel any of the website did watch everywhere azmat is best and disagree with alkas dicision why keep quiet ztv and even you can see most populer worldwide website youtube azmat episode and azamt column has viewers are more then 90 thausand of any episode. can you bit me any of lil champs 2011 they had these much of fan so why z tv and alka looking for what? if alka ji you can not review your dicision we will dismiss u from lil champs judge and upcoming your any record and dont wait till go the people in court about this justification. please be save side and review your justice as soon as possible bring on stage to azmat give a chance and be save side all guru and mahaguru

  19. mai sa re ga ma pa ka bahut bada fan hu , sare hi contentant bade hi talented hai, mai anmol khatri ka bada hi fan ho gaya hu, aur meri ek rquest hai jo ki mai guru javed ali karna chahta ki, nitin ke liye ek song de, jo ki film ‘sawan ko aane do’aur bol ,’teri tasver ko sene se laga rakha hai’ mai ummed karta hu nitin bahut hi sunder represent karega.
    thanks to all guru and contestant,

  20. Hum Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs k fans hen. Lil Champs bhi bahut achha performance de rahe hen. Hamara Guru Kailash Khar se nivedan hay ki woh Anmol Khatri ko Richa Sharma ji ka gaya hua “Zindagi me koi kabhi aye na rabba”. Ye gana Anmol se sunne k kiye hum intzar me hen. Kripa kar k aap hamara nivedan ko gaur kijiye ga. Hame khusi hogi.

  21. Hum Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs k fans hen. Lil Champs bhi bahut achha performance de rahe hen. Hamara Guru Kailash Khar se nivedan hay ki woh Anmol Khatri ko Richa Sharma ji ka gaya hua “Zindagi me koi kabhi aye na rabba”den. Ye gana Anmol se sunne k kiye hum intzar me hen. Kripa kar k aap hamara nivedan ko gaur kijiye ga. Hame khusi hogi.

  22. Anchor,says that,GURU KAILASH,GURU ANDAN it not like respectable,because they are Much more senior
    and very respectable person to all.So i hope for fufurther the anchor call him as GURU ANDAN JI,……..

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