Saregamapa 2010 Videos – 6th November Episode

Here are videos of 6th November episode of Saregamapa Singing Superstar 2010

Saregamapa Singing Superstar – 6th Nov 2010 Video Update part 1

21 thoughts on “Saregamapa 2010 Videos – 6th November Episode

  1. Kurram yar u r the best but what can say…… tairi awaz he jadu hai ,…. bEst of luck in life buddy

  2. Hi,
    Shekhar ji this week you are looking great. mujhe aisa lagra hi aap whit shurt main bhot ache lagte hin mujhe yad hi ki 2007 main aap ne jab whit shurt main aiy teh to show per bataya gaya tha ki aap ki femail fan folwing subse ziyada hi.

  3. I think this SAREGAMA is the flop one with some great judges don’t know how to judge and a host don’t know how to sing a song, please don’t do ‘majak’ on music at least in India, every things have some value please try to understand, with music please, its enough. If you people want to have a programe based on music, let it be MUSIC only not LUFUNGA type of thing.

  4. and i hate vishak… usy is compition mai fzool mai rkha hua hy sary singers itny achy hain wo nikama bich mai hy… he should b out of this contest

  5. HI!!!!!
    I love Kamal. Me Kamalki aur Kamalke aavajki diwani hu. Kamalki aavaj agar ek baar sunu to lagta hai ke usiki aavaj kanome gunjati rahe. 12th Nov. ko Kamalne jo gaan gaya vo sunkarto me Kamal ke pyar me pad gayi.

  6. I think these singing finalists are the best ever, over all other seasons. One reason I love watching the show, besides the singers and the musicians, is the judges. They do their job very well. There is no drama, no tears, walkouts, personal attacks, as was the case with the other panel of judges…I’m talking about Himesh Reshamiya and that group. Granted that they too were very good music composers but I think they lost perspective when it came to accepting evaluations about the singers in their gharanas.
    Manish Paul, I think this guy is just what this show needs. He is funny, sensitive and interacts brilliantly with the judges and singers. That’s the hallmark of a great host. Purab Kholi just didn’t have what it took to be a great host.
    Kamal Khan is still my all time favorite, and Bishak is excellent too. Very slowly and steadily he is climbing to the top. Ali Sher…funny, Abilasha…versitile, Sindhi…unusual, Sugandha..allrounder, Ranjeet…a work in progress. Would have loved to have Arnoor around…effortless singer, Kamal..effortless and brilliantly. My very best to all the singers.

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