Sa re ga ma pa challenge 2009 Videos – 2nd August Episode

Sa re ga ma pa Challenge 2009 is in second round and today is the elimination round. Today is Friendship Day and contestants will sing song on Friendship day. So here are videos of 2nd August Episode of Saregamapa Challenge 2009

Saregamapa Challenge 2009 Videos – 2nd August Episode – Part I

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  1. @annon,
    I was right. People like you put words into others’ mouth just to make your point.
    You said ” just hate this hindu fascist ideology which abhijeet is a proponent of..”
    If you have cared to read the interview you would have noticed that Abhijit praised Raja 3 times!
    In an earlier interview also (srgmp lil champs 06) he said that ows everything to a muslim friend of his.
    But you call him a hindu fascist!
    You have every right to be a fan of Mussarat,as I have the right to consider him a mediocore singer, but don’t dare to insult the hindus for that

  2. Mehfil,
    Good point. Just one observation though…
    You mentioned “Daughter of alluddin khan sahab, Sukanya Shankar”… actually her name is Annapurna Devi and she did play publicly in West Bengal before her divorce with Pt. Ravi Shankar

  3. @ rajdeep

    i dont care if abhijeet is trying to camouflage his islamophobia by paying lip service to Raja hasan, the muslims in india dont need his condescending stamp of approval .

    i dont insult hindus, i insult hindu fundamentalists, in the same way as i insult muslim fundamentalists.. all fundamentalists are the same – whether they belong to one religion or the other..

    indians are very tolerant by nature and its scum like abhijeet who gives us a bad name..

    bottomline dear rajdeep is-if u support abhijeet then u r opposed to having pakistanis in this show, if so i have nothing further to discuss with you, all channels of communication should henceforth be considered disconnected..

    @ mehfil
    wah wah kya baat kahee hai, now only if log padhe aur apne bheje mein daale to baat hogi.. will get back later

  4. Hmm.. Interesting… guess its my turn now.
    let me add a shiny copper penny ..

    Disclaimer : I’m jus a poor ol sol trying to make peace here.. dont yell at me if you dont like it. I am rambling in a hurry coz I gotta go n cook for the clan …

    I view it this way… for many of us, music is an art. Ek kala hai.. for others music is business. Matlab, not in a bad way, but you know.. koi koi khaali pet mohabbat nahin kar sakta.. to koi koi mohabbat mein bhuko bhi mar sakta hai.. dono apne apne jagah pe sahi hain. Its the level of interest, involvment, commitment, respect even, one has towards the music one listens to, or creates.
    I cant look at a singer and go..ok, he is from Bogota, she is from Nigeria and then decide how I want to go about liking or disliking the song. But many folks I personally know, do that. They like a song until they come to know it is sung by so and so..and then “o jeez .. you wont catch me listing to that song again !”

    I brought up Naushad saab in an earlier post. We have heard this a gzillion times before .. ki 3 musalmaan log, Naushad, Rafi and Sahir created the ever popular bhajan “Man darpat hari darshan ko aaj” from Baiju Bawra. It captures the essense of what I am trying to say. When they created the bhajan, they created a piece of art. Something any true music lover of India can refer to and feel proud to be an Indian.

    But these examples are very rare and very precious.

    Abhijit is right in sticking to his principles (or not) .. coz he has a pet (I mean stomach) to feed. And a pocket to fill. I am not saying it in a bad way. He has every right to take care of his interests. Insecurity may be a factor in his reaction to Pak singers. Whatever. We have to respect his feelings. But, having said that, he need not have gone public with his thoughts. He did tell Musarrat direct to his face on the show, ki – I wont judge you, you may take marks from Ahmed. It was hecka embarrasing to watch that.
    My only big complaint about this whole episode is that Abhijit has created a situation that will forever put Indian judgement of a pak singer in such reality shows under a cloud. Ab dekhna har baat pe humgama hoga. Zee ka hi nahin, iss blog ka TRP bhi badhega.

    I said ki “Abhijit is right in sticking to his principles (or not)” coz he did compromise on his principles when he retained his judge job. Get me? He needs the job… To hell with principles.
    See, heres where I am disappointed with Abhijit. I would have respected him more had he jus quit.

    I like musarrat coz he sings with hecka lot of feeling. If you notice, he has a glazed look on his face when he sings. Ek dumm feel se gaata hai. Its a treat to watch him. I do agree that many times lo notes hil jaate hain usske. But usske “joner” ke gaane mein .. he is THE mega mind blower.

    Great post dude!

    P.S : Mere post ke liye haajmola nahin, ek bottle goli-soda kaafi hai…nimbu maarke.

  5. @annon,
    Again putting words in others mouths…
    “then u r opposed to having pakistanis in this show, ”

    I already said that if singers are like NFK and Gulam Ali I support them whole heartedly, but I don’t support bringing in mediocore singers when we have so much talent in India who are waiting for a break!
    Read before you comment!

  6. Dear Mehfil

    Superb! thanx for making my mind clear. I thought kay app bohat ghussa hoon gay after reading my comment but thanx to guide me. but sir after reading your harsh comments (Realstic) comments sometimes i think that me should stop watching SRGMP or stop reading your comments. mujhay laghta hai na tu main SRGMP quit kar sakta hoon na your comments. Keep it up but plz plz high light some possitive points also.

    Acha app iss baray main kaya kaho gay ( Role of SRGMP to bring people closer) kioon kay hum friends and family jab bee akatahay hotay hain tu SA RE GA MA PA ki batain kartay hain. personelly i wait specially for week end to watch SRGMP.

    take care

    Fayyaz Ghafoor

  7. @Fayyaz

    sachi muchi Barish Rehmat (blessing) hai …
    I DID IT…I’m SO HAPPY :-)

    Enjoy the show :-)

  8. i completly agree with rajdeep.
    i think he is saying right maghar logon kay bhayjay main na jaye tu kaya karain?

  9. Harjeet Gee plz read my conversation with Mr. Mehfil and throw some light i rally waiting for ur comments

  10. @Fayyaz

    I’m really getting a headache from reading Mehfil’s message. I don’t enjoy reading long comments …
    I noticed one thing in this forum …some of them overreact (including me) over the slightest things.

    Just ignore it. Enjoy the show…

    Balle ..balle…I’m very happy. 8/8/08 what a day :-)

  11. I personally believe that The person who talks the most is not always right OR the smartest .

  12. WAO senty bravo what a “HAJMOLA COMMENTS”

    Yaar main samjhta tha kay 26 ka ho kar bohat aklmand ho gaya hoon magar app logon say baat kar kay laghta hai kay i didn’t gain anything yet.

    but i dont worry app log ho na i ll learn a lot from you guys.


    A request:
    Please don’t discuss on religion, nationality, gender OR any other sensitive issues. The discussion is getting UGLY. Please STOP


  14. Laghta hai mahool main kafi tension bhar gai hai, to reduce the tension answer the following Q

    Q : Aghar Himesh Gee Commedy Circus ya Laughter Challange kay Judge hotay tu kaya comments theytay?

    Lucky winner will be given a surprize gift ;)

  15. i dnt know when uk SRGM is onair.sorry for not sialkot ka mosom bhi acha hai.thanks for i said that after international contestants pakistanis will be out and it happened.

  16. Fayyaz Ghafoor

    Enjoy the show this weekend.

    I am not a fan of HimeshR…i hope he keeps his mouth shut. He talks too much…


  17. @Rajdeep

    You are right, its annapurna devi and not sukanya shankar, I STAND CORRECTED. Thank you !


  18. ji shujaat pakistan see hai aur ye bi kisi salamat ali ka pota hai i mean kisi gharany se is ka bi taluq hai but whateva amanat ali is the best woh sab par bhari tha is compition main amanat ali jesa koi nahi or na hi musarat jesa is compitision main bi aik singer ne nusrat fathe ali khan ka sanwre song gaya hai lekin koi maza nahi aya us ka

  19. @ALL
    This is what Himesh/Zee will say to all of us.

    “You all are living in a dream world”. You want excellent talent, quality singers. This used to happen in th 90′s when it was SaReGaMa. It was a different Program SaReGaMa.

    The present show is SaReGaMaPa.

    SaReGaMaPa – Pa – for paid for, Pa for Paisa, Pa for Partiality. Our title claims what the show is about.

    Hence please stop blaming us, just watch the show & vote. Leave the rest to us.

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    Pls give me a chance
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