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Saregamapa Challenge 2009 Videos – 26th July Episode

Today is the last episode of First Round and also the last day for Asha Tai as Mahaguru. Today two contestants will get eliminate. Also there will be special round where three contestants who got Sanjivani booti will perform and one will get through. So here are videos of 26th July Episode of sa re ga ma pa Challenge 2009 Continue reading

Saregamapa Challenge 2009 Reviews – 25th July Episode

Saregamapa Challenge 2009 is now in third week. Every week two contestants get eliminate so lets see what happens. The show beings with contestants singing the title song of De Taali. Aditya joins them to continue the song. Aditya welcomes the audience and a recap of the last week is shown. The mentors are introduced in the usual style. Asha tai is also greeted. Continue reading

Saregamapa Challenge 2009 Reviews – 18th July Episode

Hello everyone and welcome back to Saregamapa Challenge 2009 – Sangit ka Dwitiya Vishwayudh. Last week we saw the first elimination in Saregamapa where Snehandu from Lakshya Gharana and Rashi from Dhoom Gharana got eliminated. However, Rashi [from the UK] got the Sanjivani booti so lets see what happens in today’s show. Continue reading

Saregamapa Challenge 2009 Videos – 11th July Episode

Today is the first episode of Saregamapa where contestants from each Gharana are going to compete with each other. Asha Bosale will be the Mahaguru from now onwards. Today, two contestants from each Gharana will perform and only two will get entry to the next round while others will perform tomorrow. Here are videos of Saregamapa Challenge 2009 – 11th July Episode Continue reading