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Saregamapa Little Champs Videos – 30th November Episode

As in last episode of Saregamapa Little Champs there was no elimination, this week there will be two eliminations, one for today and another tomorrow. So lets see who got eliminated today. Here are videos of Saregamapa Little champs 30th November Episode.

Saregamapa Little Champs – 30th November – Part I

Saregamapa Little Champs – 30th November – Part II

Saregamapa Little Champs – 30th November – Part III

Saregamapa Little Champs – 30th November Episode Review

Last week we saw that there was no elimination and that this week we will be having two eliminations, one today and another tomorrow. So, lets see who gets eliminated today..

The show commences with Aditya singing bardash nahin kar sakta from Humraaz.. The kids are having some prop and dancing for the song..

Aditya greets everyone and says last week there was no elimination and that was decided by our judges.. He introduces the judges and asks how to go about this week.. Sonu says we will listen to the kids first.. Though for you kids voice is important you give more emphasis for the format.. So, we will first listen to the kids and due to some reasons they couldnt perform to the best last week and thats why they were not eliminated..


Aamir Hafeez sings teri deewani. Album – Kailash Kher. Singer – Kailash Kher.. Excellent Performance


Aditya says, this time Aamir sang without forgetting lyrics..

Suresh – Sang very well.. Keep singing like this, there will be no chance of cutting the marks.. Grade – A+

Sonu – Gives standing ovation.. He goes to the stage, lifts him and gives him kiss.. Your mark will be Z+.. Grade – A+

To chat with the little champs, logon to

Rohit Shyam sings title song of of Fiza. MD – Anu Malik. Singers – Alka and Sonu Nigam..


I have made lot of mistakes..

Sonu – This song is not of your age.. The voice of the boys changes when they grow.. Where the notes had to be lower, you sang higher and where it had to be higher, you sang low.. Grade – A

Suresh – Lower notes were audible.. If these type of songs are your favorite then keep following it up, and one day god will bless you like he has done for Sonu bhaiyah.. Gives A

Vaishali sings poocho zara poocho from Raja Hindustani. MD – Nadeem Shravan. Singers – Alka and Kumar Sanu..


Suresh – Sang very well.. There were more expressions when you were singing “Saza hain” and shruti was also falling wrong there.. So, work on that.. He first stops at B+, Vaishali asks him to give 2 more points.. Sureshji then asks her to practice more as the end was not proper.. Grade – A

Sonu – I am very happy.. You will have to practice for harkatein and murkhiyaan.. Sureshji asks her to practice certain notes.. Grade – A+

Loria Doshi sings main albeli from zubeida. MD – AR Rewhman. Singers – Kavitha Krishnamoorthy and sukhwinder singh..


Sonu – Good effort.. Your throat seems much better today, But still we are not yet seeing your potential.. She says I will do better next time.. Sonu just for fun asks her if she got the sign from her father and adds that he can see even what is going on at the back.. Grade – A

Suresh – Your throat is better, but still there is strain in your voice in the high notes.. Grade – A

Rohanpreet sings pardesi pardesi jaana nahin from raja hindustani. MD – AR Rehman. Singers – Alka, sapna avasti and udit narayan..


Sonu – He asks Rohan who are those sitting for him? he says he is my dad.. So, sonu says – “I will have to say everything good about you, otherwise dont know what will happen” and asks him, if his dad gets angry soon to which Rohan replies No.. Sonu says – You sang very well.. You have very good potential and so you need to work much harder.. Grade – A+

Suresh – Anthra was very good.. You did some mistake in the mukhda.. I was going to give you B+, but will give you A..

Vasundhra sings barso re megha megha from Guru. MD – AR Rehman.. Singers – Shreya Ghozal and Uday.. Really good performance


Aditya asks Vasundhra how she is and says she has forgotten him as she is not making any call to him.. Vasundhra says No, she remembers him but she does not know his number to call.. Sonu asks her to take his number too.. She says I know ur no.. It is 1234567890.. Sonu says there is already a boy in your life that is why you are not taking my number and not taking Aditya’s too.. Sonu says to Aditya she does not want all these nos, she wants marks for her singing and is asking us not to waste time..

Sonu – you sang very well.. A+

Suresh – You sang very well.. Anthra is very well composed by Rehman and you did very good justice to that.. So will give you A+

Sagar sings Oh my love from partner.. MD – Sajid-Wajid. Singerss – Shaan, Sweta Pandit and Co..

Suresh – You sing only oe type of song.. You are sticking to one particular genre.. A singer has to be versatile.. Gives B+

Sonu – Songs sung by other contestants have more weightage than the songs taken by you.. There is not much of singing in this song.. “Barso re megha” type songs are much heavier than this one.. You are a good singer, but still you need to improve.. Your Sur were not perfect.. Gives B+

Vibhore sings teri yaad saath hain from namastey london.. MD – Himesh. Singers – Krishna and Rahet Fateh Ali Khan..


Sonu – You could have sung this song half note lower.. You are a good singer, so keeping that in mind I will give you marks but also will cut marks.. Grade- A

Suresh – God has blessed you.. I want to see you as one of the top singer in the industrty in the future.. Grade – A

Anamika sings tum bin kya hain jeena tum bin jiya jaaye kaise from tum bin.. MD – Nikhil Vinay. Singer – Chitra..


Sonu – You did not song upto your potential.. Asks her to practice on diction.. Grade – A

Suresh – You sang well, but there are certain variations that you did not match upto the composition.. Grade – A

Tanmay from kisna. MD – AR Rehman . Singers – Sukhwinder and Alka.. ahem brahmasmi

He pronounced the word brahmasmi wrongly.. So, Sonu corrects the mistake by asking him to pronounce it again..

Suresh – You sing in perfect sur.. But the alaap part was not correct.. gives A

Sonu – Its a good song and very difficult.. At certain places you sang much below your capability and other places you sang higher than your capacity.. Grade – A

Smita sings chupke se from saatiya.. MD – AR Rehman. Singer – Sadna Sargam..


Sonu – Your expressions were good.. You come under the category of a very good singer.. Gives A+

Suresh – I have already warned you regarding the falsetto.. Concentrate that you sing in a clean voice.. Otherwise you are a very good singer.. Gives A


Sonu and Sureshji say that today everyone have performed well and given their best.. But one has to be eliminated..

One of the parent among the audience ask them to change the format again.. He asks if they can stop the elimination because the kids did not sing well last week then why cant they stop the elimination if they have sung very well this week..

Sonu replies to this query saying “We had taken this decision last week because we wanted the kids to sing well this week and give them encouragement.. Not just to break the format.. If it goes like this, then our effort will become waste”..

Another parent asks them to eliminate three next week and not to eliminate anyone this week!! Sonu tells Aditya that last week there were lot of discussions and issues raised regarding this with Zee.. We have already broken the format once, so its upto you all to decide what has to be done..

Aditya says if they want they can just make one elimination tomorrow instead of two this week..

But Sonu says, we will go on with the elimination today.. But before that they announce the top 3 rankers of today..

Top 3 rankers

3rd – Rohanpreet
2nd – Hari Hari Vasundhra
1st – Aamir Hafeez

Sonu goes near the other 8 contestants and ask them who do you think was weakest today.. Except for Tanmay who says himself others say it is Sagar.. Sagar himself too agrees that he was the weakest of all..

Sonu then calls the name of Sagar and says he is eliminated today..

Sagar Gets Eliminated

Written by Anu

Amanat Ali is not going for Saregamapa World Tour

Its indeed a sad news that Amanat Ali is not going on the Saregamapa World Tour. Amanat Ali has got some throat problem and he is unable to join the world tour. Initially it was not sure about his participation in world tour but now its confirmed that he will not be part of world tour. In recently released UK posters shows all participants but Amanat is missing. Have a look at this poster .

In his Orkut account Amanat wrote “”yeah i talked to vinni didi today she was telling me about you and the show,,,oh you enjoyed the show thats great,,,,,even i miss all of them very much,,but i have to get all well with my voice,,,,,then i hope i will be there for concerts someday…….anyway tell all the girls DIL THAAM KER BETHOOOOOO!!!!!!!! he he he!!!!!!! m so sorry for breaking their hearts,,,,i dont wanna do that actually,,,m really unable to come for these concerts as you know very well,,,,my voice is unwell..but i hope someday i will come and rock InshALLAH….anyway you can send it to me on my yahoo email….ok take care….bubye….GODBLESS YOU .”

The other contestants on the tour are Raja Hasan, Harpeet Deol, Mussarat Abbas, Junaid Sheikh, Poonam Yadav, Mauli Dave, Aneek Dhar and Sumedha Karmahe. Junaid and Mussarat initially have got problem with visa but they will join the tour sooner. Poonam had some family problem but she is also expected to join the tour.

Saregamapa World Tour – UK events and ticket information

Saregamapa Challenge 2007 contestants are comming to your city this December. Saregamapa contestants are visiting four major cities of the UK as a part of Saregamapa World Tour. The contestants include Raja Hasan, Harpeet Deol, Mussarat Abbas, Junaid Sheikh, Poonam Yadav, Mauli Dave, Aneek Dhar and Sumedha Karmahe. [Amant Ali is not comming on the tour because of the visa problem]. The UK schedule for saregamapa world tour is as follows

Saregamapa World Tour – UK events

Manchester – 28th December
The Manchester Apollo

Birmingham – 29th December
National Indoor Arena

London – 30th December
Wembley Arena

London - 31st December
New Year Party (Venue/plans undecided)

Nottingham - 1st Jan 2008
Royal Concert Hall

For the ticket information visit here and you will get the contact number

Saregamapa Little Champs Videos – 24th November Episode

Here are videos of 24th November episode of Saregamapa Little Champs

Saregamapa Little Champs – 11th Episode – 24th November – Part I *HQ*

Saregamapa Little Champs – 11th Episode – 24th November – Part II *HQ*

Saregamapa Little Champs – 11th Episode – 24th November – Part III *HQ*

Saregamapa Little Champs – 11th Episode – 24th November – Part IV *HQ*

Saregamapa Little Champs – 11th Episode – 24th November – Part V *HQ*

Saregamapa Little Champs Videos – 23rd November Episode

Here are videos of Saregamapa Little Champs 23rd November Episode

Saregamapa Little Champs – [10th Episode] – 23rd Nov – Part I *HQ*

Saregamapa Little Champs – [10th Episode] – 23rd Nov – Part II *HQ*

Saregamapa Little Champs – [10th Episode] – 23rd Nov – Part III *HQ*

Saregamapa Little Champs – [10th Episode] – 23rd Nov – Part IV *HQ*

Saregamapa Little Champs – [10th Episode] – 23rd Nov – Part V *HQ*

Saregamapa Little Champs – [10th Episode] – 23rd Nov – Part VI *HQ*

Saregamapa Little Champs Review – 23rd November Episode

We have already got the top 11 in the saregamapa Little Champs.. This week one more will get eliminated.. But before that we need to know who gets to the top 3 this week..

So, lets begin the update

The show begins with Aditya greeting everyone ad welcoming bothe the judges of thesow.. He says the celebrit jude oday nees no introduction nd asks the viewers t uess who it will b with the performance by hm and the litte champs. Adita and the top 11 contestants sing Duniya mein logon ko dhoka kabhi ho jata ain.

Today’s Guest – Asha Bhosle

All the boys are wearing a mask..

Aditya gives a hint – She is the most experienced one in th SRGMP family.. Secame in Challege 2007..

Aditya tells the name to the contestants in one of the contestants ears.. And he pass it to all of them.. Vaishali and tanmay go backstage to bring Asha tai..

Aditya asks Asha Tai to say something.. She says, They are like my grand chidren.. You all are singing filmy music now, but you should also start learning classical music so that you can sing with ease even when you are 60 yrs old..

Today’s Theme – Ashaji’s songs

1. Rohanpreet


Suresh - Your performance was not upto the mark.. You could have done better.. Gives B+

Sonu - I liked your performance.. But when there are singers like Ashaji sitting in front of you, you tend to give out weak performances.. Gives A

Ashaji – I agree with Sonu.. Even I used to face the same problem when I used to sing with Latadi.. And there is TV, camera, audience.. You did a good job..

2. Anamika Chowdhry

sings churaliya hain tumne jo dil ko from yaadon ki bhaarat.. MD – RD Burman.. Singers – Asha and Rafi..


Sonu – You have good potential.. But today you were not good while controlling your breathe.. He first gives B+, then gives A

Suresh – You were not in form.. Though you are in lil champs, you do everything as an elderly person.. So, we need to also judge like that.. Today, give you B+

Asha – Your voice was flat.. Asha Tai sings 2 lines and asks her to understand the lyrics.. For keeping the breathe control, you need to practice OM.. Also adds that Every singer has their own style.. I dont know how to give marks and keep one in number one and the other in low ranking..

3 Vaishali

sings jab chaaye mera jadoo from lootmaar.. MD – RD Burman.. Singer – Asha bhonsle

Sursh – Bhoothnath, you sang very well today.. You sang with fun and also danced.. Sur was low in the end.. but I wont cut your marks.. A+

Sonu – Vaishali and Sonu talk in sign language.. Sonu says she sang very well.. He says you are cheating us.. You are much much elder to what you are saying.. She says you ask my mother, she is sitting there.. He points at her sister and asks, is she your mother? Then says, you sang well today.. gives A+

Ashaji – Sureshji calls you chimney, meaning bird.. You sang very well today..

4. Sagar Phadke

sings lekar hum deewana dil from yaadon ki bharat. MD – RD Burman. Singers – Asha Bhonsle and Kishore Kumar..

Sonu – I am a fan of your style and voice.. But today you did not sing well.. In some The speciality in this song is the A

Suresh – He asks Sagar, while fixing the scale, do you sing in the low scale and try if you can sing? He says yes.. You need to keep a low scale so you can sing much better.. Gives A

Ashaji – she asks him to sing half note lower.. he sings.. you need to practice kharaj.. Then you can sing both low and high notes very well..
Loria Doshi sings katra katra from Izzazat.. MD – RD Burman.. Singer – Asha Bhonsle..

5. Loria

asks Ashaji to sing with her.. she says, usually the scale of the kids are higher.. I will see if I can match with it and then sing..

Sonu – He asks how she was. She says – I am fine, but my throat is fine.. You did not sing well.. There are lot of harkatein, which you did not sing.. Gives B

Suresh - I will give you grace for your illness.. Gives B+

Ashaji - I am singing for the past 65 years and whenever I have sore throat, my singing also gets disturbed.. Practice more.. You are a good singer.. I would have given more marks from what the judges have given you today

6. Smita Nandi

sings oh mere sona re from teesri manzil. MD – RD Burman. Singer – Asha Bhonsle..

Sonu - Start was good.. Effort was good.. But made mistake in the end. but you somehow realized it.. Gives A

Suresh – You are a good singer, but you must give correct Sur..

Ashaji – Smita and Ashaji speak in Bengali (Dont know what they spoke ) She then says – you might have prepared this song urgently and not given time.. Smita says yes.. Its seen in your performance because there are lot of murkhiyaan which you did not sing.. You can improvise the song, but do it on higher edge

7. Aamir Hafeez

sings kabhi toh nazar milao. Album – Kabhi toh nazar milao.. Singers – Asha Bhonsle and Adnan Sami..

Suresh – You sang very well today.. But you forget the lyrics.. Avoid that.. Gives A+

Sonu – Asks why do you forget? He then asks him do you go to school? do you learn well? are you zero in studies? He says yes.. That is why you are unable to remember the lyrics but you sang well.. Gives A (While giving marks he imitates Adnan)

Asha – You sang well.. Asha tai and Aamir sing 2 lines..

8. Vasundhra sings aaiye mehrabaan. from Howrah Bridge. Md – OP Nayyar. Singer – Asha Bhonsle..

Sonu – The sentuality was missing.. Expressions were not good.. You could have done better.. But you sang well.. Gives A as you sang in sur

Suresh - Vasundhra, you were leaving sur, I did not enjoy as much as I usually do.. Vasundhra starts crying.. Now sureshji asks – How can I stop your tears now? Sonu and Ashaji sing Rona kabhi nahin rona.. Vasundhra says – My tears will stop once you give me good grades… Sonu says she is very naughty Sureshji gives A

Ashaji – This is a very difficult song.. You can always sing after hearing the song, but to give the same harkatein is tough.. I wish, when you grow up and sing classical music, you will become kishori Amonkar..

Vasundhra says 4 lines for Ashaji:

aapke nagme gaa saku, aisi awaz kahaan se laun
aapke gaane sun saku, aise saaz kahaan se laun
Yun toh tareef sabki karte hain,
lekin Ashaji ki tareef karne, alfaaz kahaan se laun..

9. Vibhore

sings aaja aaja main hoon pyaar tera from teesri manzil .. MD – RD Burman. Singers – Rafi and Asha..

Suresh – It wsw not fun and you were singing inside and.. You were giving very sharp notes.. gives B+

Sonu – This is a tough song to sing and we cannot expect you to sing this song.. So, considering that, give you A

Ashaji – There are various harkatein which is very difficult to sing.. She sings few lines.. But you need to practice, you need to get the sur from the orchestra and maintain that..

10. Tanmay

sings khullam khulla pyaar karenge from Khel Khel mein.. MD – RD Burman. Singers – Asha Bhonsle and Kishore kumar

Sonu – A+ You always do justice to the song..

Suresh – Chutkuram, you sang very well.. Gives A+

Ashaji - This is not a very difficult song.. But just like we get good food in Lucknow, you also sang well

11. Rohit Shyam

sings choti si kahaani from Izzat.. MD – RD Burman. Singer – Asha bhonsle..

Sonu – I liked your song.. I will give you, A with good marks

Suresh – You should have kept half note higher.. You had kept it low.. gives A

Asha – Its a very difficult song.. Just now Sonu told me that you are a classical singer.. This will help you in the long run..


Aditya asks Ashaji to say something about the top 11..

Ashaji – They are very young and they are singing well.. Those who do not make to top three must not think they are bad, they are also good and must work hard..

Sonu says, the boy who is in number 3 position, actually had to be number one and Didi also wanted but.. But he keeps forgetting lyrics.. So, he is number 3 today..

Third – Aamir
Second – Vaishali
First – Tanmay

Ashaji will be present tomorrow also

Written by Anu

Videos of 17th November Episode of Saregamapa Little Champs

Here are videos of 17th November Episode of Saregamapa Little champs

Saregamapa Little Champs – 17th November Episode – Part I

Saregamapa Little Champs – 17th November Episode – Part II

Saregamapa Little Champs – 17th November Episode – Part III

Saregamapa Little Champs – 17th November Episode – Part IV

Saregamapa Little Champs – 17th November Episode – Part V

Saregamapa Little Champs – 17th November Episode – Part VI

Saregamapa Little Champs Videos – 16th November Episode

Here are videos of 16th November Episode of Saregamapa Little champs [ sorry for the late:-) ]

SRGMP L’il Champs [8th Episode] – 16th November – Pt 01 *HQ*

SRGMP L’il Champs [8th Episode] – 16th November – Pt 02 *HQ*

SRGMP L’il Champs [8th Episode] – 16th November – Pt 03 *HQ*

SRGMP L’il Champs [8th Episode] – 16th November – Pt 04 *HQ*

SRGMP L’il Champs [8th Episode] – 16th November – Pt 05 *HQ*

SRGMP L’il Champs [8th Episode] – 16th November – Pt 06 *HQ*

Saregamapa Little champs – 17th November Episode

Yesterday Vibhore, Vasundhra and Rohit got through to the next round of Saregamapa Little Champs.. Today is elimination round.. So, lets see who is that unfortunate one who does not get through..

The show commences with kids and Aditya singing Aslam Bhai from Love ke liye kuch bhi karega.. Aditya acts like Aslam Bhai and the kids are singing..

Aditya greets everyone and says yesterday gives a recap of yesterday’s episode.. Today is elimination episode and today’s exam will be judged by Sureshji and Sonu..

Today’s theme – CXomedy Song


1. Vaishali sings pratik joseph. MD – Himesh and Anand Raj Anand. Ande ka funda from Jodi No. 1.. She is wearing a dress with a coat in which an egg has been drawn..

Aditya asks her – so, you have totally put yourself into the song? She replies yes..

Suresh – Sang very well.. But your lower notes were not striking.. There were certain phrases which you sang very well.. He gives B+ and asks shall I give you a chocolate now? She says No.. Give me more marks.. Gives A

Sonu – Your performance badshah.. If your sur were proper then it would have been much better.. Gives A

2. Anamika sings Daiyaa yeh main kahaan aa phasii from Caravan. MD – RD Burman. Singer – Asha Bhonsle.. She has dressed like a maharashtrian to suite the song..

Aditya asks her whose idea was to wear this costume? She says the one who gave me the costume.. Aditya says you look very good in this..

Sonu – I liked it very much.. Gives A+
Suresh – Fantabulous.. Mindblowing.. A+

3. Kalyan ke kaanch thod cricketer Sagar Phadke sings Bhagam Bhaag title song.. MD – Pritam. Singer – Neeraj Sridhar..

Suresh – you are a rock star.. You were singing, but I was afraid and I thought you will make mistake, but you were strong.. Gives A+

Sonu – Your attitude is is too good.. I think when you grow up many girls may fall for you.. He starts feeling shy and says No sir, nothing like that.. Sonu asks – Why are you feeling shy? He replies with a cute smile – its not good to say like this.. Gives A

Aditya says one contestant is regretting for making some mistake.. Lets see who it is..

5. Rohanpreet sings pape pyaar karke from pyaar ke side effects.. MD – Pritam Singer – Labh Janjua. He forgets the lyrics but the same piece is played again and he sings correctly this time..

Sonu – You are looking like Daler Mehendi with golden jacket.. “Sur se chadke gaaya”.. This is usually followed in punjabi folk but When you sing commercial songs, you have to sing properly.. He gives marks in punjabi style.. Gives A.. But says, this is good A with high marks..

Suresh – “Sur ke mamle mein comedy ho gayi”.. Gives A

Sonu asks him to sing the rap part again and he does..

6. Loria sings ek lo ek muft. film – guru. MD – AR Rehman. Singers – Bappi Lahiri and KS Chitra..

Sonu – It was very good.. I dont like the song at all.. I have never understood the head and title of it.. He says after listening to the song, I can only say – “Chirodini… after that I dont know”.. (he was imitating Bappida in it) It was good.. Gives A

Suresh – Without saying much I would give you A..

7. Aamir Hafeez sings Sahi bolt hain from Aankhein (New). MD – Aadesh Srivastav.. He has totally dressed up in Tapori style..

Sonu – You are a pataka.. When you started the song, I thought you will fall off in the contest as this was an easy song.. But then too you did well.. They have a small interaction in tapori language.. gives A

Suresh – Bheedu, even I liked the song.. gives A+

Aditya announces about the world tour where challenge 2007 contestants will be performing and says – “If we want them to perform in our city, then we must mail to –”

8. Smita nandi sings whats your mobile number from Haseena maan jayegi. MD – Anu Malik. Singers – Alka Yagnik and Sonu Nigam..

Suresh – House number, Road number, phone number all numbers were good.. Gives A

Sonu – This song is very special to me.. I sang this when I was new to the industry.. This song is based on Raag – Ghatodgaj Ghantadhar.. She is confused and Sonu explains to her saying – all songs these days are bassed on this raag and when you meet me, I will explain to you about this raag.. Gives A+

9. Sayon Sen sings main toh raste se ja raha thaa from Coolie No.1 MD – Anand Milind. Singers – Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik..

Aditya asks how come he started making many poisonous acids? He replies that its all fake acids made by the sketch ink dipped in water to fool other students in class..

Suresh – Sang very well.. You made Govinda stand in front of me.. Gives A

Sonu – You sang well.. But its becoming difficult to judge you all with this song.. gives A

Aditya says its now time for me to make my request to Sonu Bhaiyah.. He asks Sonu to imitate his father Udit Narayan.. Sonu first says No then he says its Kalyug thats why he is asking me to copy his own father.. He then requests Aditya to copy himself and only then he will copy his father..

Aditya then copies Sonu when he was the host of SRGM.. A small clipping of Sonu’s SRGM as host is shown then Aditya is shown copying him.. He says welcome you all to little champs where the judge is Suresh Wadkar.. Sonu then copies Sureshji and says – “I wish them all luck.. Hope everyone sings well..”

Now, its Sonu’s turn.. Aditya comes down from stage to hug Sonu.. But Sonu thinks he is coming to beat him and runs towards the stage.. Aditya now says you are caught and so now its your turn to copy Udit Narayan.. Sonu first says welcomes in Udit style.. Then he sings Main nikla gadi leke in Udit style and also performing in the same style which he did during Zee Awards..

It was too funny Aditya then asks, for whom do we clap? For Uditji or Sonu Bhaiyah.. Sonu says for Uditji..

10. Tanmay sings hum kaale hain toh kya hua dil waale hain from Gumnaam.. MD – Shsnkar Jaikishen. Singer – Rafi..

Sonu first asks in humor – what do you think of yourself? Why do you always keep your hand as if you are going to beat us? He replies that its his style and to keep with the taal, he shows his hand like that.. Sonu continues – You are unable to sing in higher notes.. He says in this age you are having mustache.. Seems like we are being cheated as they are sending all grown up people for singing.. Gives A

Suresh – You sang well.. He speaks in Mahmood style.. For the mustache give A


Sureshji and Sonu say it was difficult to choose this time as it was comedy song special..

Bottom 3:

Marks out of 400 (Including yesterday’s performance and today’s performance)

Vaishali – 327
Tanmay – 321
Sayon – 309

So, Sayon gets eliminated

Sonu asks Sayon if he learns music? Sayon replies yes.. Sonu asks him how many hours do you do riyaz? He replies one hour.. Sonu then says – It seems like a gifted voice and not a trained voice.. The energy in your voice is missing..

Sayon asks his friends not to miss him much..

Sayon’s mother comments that he is a classical singer and is not accustomed to filmy songs.. He is more into Bengali songs and couldnt get the opportunity to sing filmy songs.. He is classical singer type and like Sonu said, singers like him are needed..

Sayon then sings aa re na balam ka karun sajni and thus the show ends..

Written by Anu