Sa re ga ma pa Challenge 2007 Grand Final

The Grand Final of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 is going to be held on 13th October at Andheri Complex Mumbai..It will be shown don’t forget to vote for your favourite contestants. The voting for this round is open from Friday September 28,10 PM and will close on Saturday October 13, 8 AM

Saregamapa Grand Finale

Venue – Andheri Complex, Mumbai
Date – 13th October 2007

Voting Details

You can vote online from website or you can vote from your landline or mobile. Please note that only one vote per email ID will be counted in the final round.

Amanat Ali
To vote for Amanat Ali you can sms AMANAT to 57575 from your mobile
You can call 1862424757503 form your BSNL/MTNL fixed landline phone or
call 51234933 from Reliance

Raja Hasan
To vote for Raja Hasan you can sms RAJA to 57575 from your mobile
You can call 1862424757504 from your BSNL/MTNL fixed landline phone
call 51234944 from Reliance

Aneek Dhar
To vote for Aneek Dhar you can sms ANEEK to 57575 from your mobile
You can call 1862424757507 form your BSNL/MTNL fixed landline phone
call 51234941 from Reliance

281 thoughts on “Sa re ga ma pa Challenge 2007 Grand Final

  1. @ALL – As a start ,I have transferred all relevant postings from this discussion on the Non SRGMP forum..


  2. Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam…
    Geeta Dutt/SD Burman/Kaifi Azmi/Kaaghaz ke Phool(1959).

    Tum na jaane kis jahaan mein kho gaye…
    Lata M’kar/SD Burman/Sahir/Sazaa(1951).

    Tum pukaar lo, Tumhaara intzaar hai…
    Hemanta Mukhopadhyay/Hemanta M’padhyay/Gulzar/Khamoshi(1969).

    Overwhelming! Ineffable!!
    Just listen at the dead of night!!!

    After watching the recording of October 5th Episode.. I was very disappointed.Therefore, I tried this formula below to cure myself from the depression caused by SRGMP 2007. I am glad that I feel better now. I will recommend this formula to all brothers & sisters. Hope you will feel better just like me.Please watch the Promotional Video of “Mother of all cures” from the “depression” caused by SAREGAMAPA 2007′s directly/indirectly or any other programs around the world. Thank you.
    “Mother of all cures promotional Video”
    Ghaffar Khan

  4. @Indrani
    LOL. Good.
    You guys have to smiles too sometime. Don’t be that serious.That’s why I put this there.Im glad you are smiling now.
    Keep it Up.


  5. Dear Mehfilji:

    Aap ne gaaribnawaz ko yaad kiya, aur hum khidmat ke liye haazir hue to aap hi lapata ho gaye!!!

    Bhai, koi khata hui hamse ?

    Dear Sentyji:

    Hum log to shuruwat bhi nahin kar pai aur aap ne “danke” bajana shuru kar diya :)

    The other baat is ye jamana hi virtual ho raha, to aage chal ke dosti/yaari bhi virtual honi hai…all your ideas sound wonderful to me and about the blog –Sentyji aap sangharsh karo hum log tumhare saath hai :)

    Seriously, I have never written for blogs before. I started with this and now will also pen something on Humara Forums…I think these places allow everyone to speak from their soul(due to the anonymity factor) and if souls resonate with others to bhai wah…(wah taj !!! as ustadji would say..), I think I have also made some amazing friends here. All your choices are on the dot. Love all of them… If you selected these very casually, you must be some connoisseur!!

    Thank you for your contributions.

    Dear Sweetyji:

    You really are as sweet as you name, maybe much much more …:)

    Aap itna sharminda kar rahe ho, mujhe samajh nahin aa raha ki mein kya kahun.

    I am glad that my incoherent mumblings have made any sense to you.

    This song, especially with my interest in spirituality is one of my favorites. Thanks a bunch!!

    Let me thank you this once :)

    Dear Sumitroji:

    Fabulous!! Are you associated with ITCSRA ? Spot on and all excellent choices..

    Doing this kind of work is more a labor of heart. I wanted to take sanyas from this blog to focus more on Indian Classical Music which is my first love, but this is going to be good. I can feel it :D

    Dear Dockaulji:

    Sirji, I was going to skip replying to your post above. However, sociology has been an interest of mine and this form of fractal growth and leadership is extremely interesting!!

    I am in awe of your organizational skills and the amount of passion you bring to this forum and eSnips. However before you form opinions, pls. read my earlier post above, the intention was to always move this to non-SRGMP at some point after we ascertained the response to this idea.

    Having said that, my assumptions are –
    1> This site was formed for the sake of discussions on SRGMP and music in general(I would assume this because all the folks here should be music lovers and the site is the most laissez faire site I have seen with no guidelines on what should be posted and what can be deferred. Also, there are no guidelines on categorization and lumping of posts).
    2> As you can see all the people who have chosen to participate in this effort have restricted themselves to a thread which is defunct and have not inundated the active threads with these song lists (as you can see the participants in those threads do not feel burdened with this sense of deference for others and choose to be all over the place). At the same time all of the regulars have liked this initiative and think its worth pursuing.

    I do not get into these kind of arguments, because I do not see any merit or profit from them. However, I did have a look at your posts and took exception to words like “rebuke” (reminds me of Miss D’Sa from my kindergarten) and irritated(what have I or the other’s done so wrong for you to be so irritated?).

    Sir, everyone here is participating because they want to…there is no compulsion or profit in participating here…pls. suggest your idea’s, pls. do not push and lastly pls. do not use words like rebuke or how irritated you are. It’s not nice.



  6. 0.02Worth

    I was away during the weekend and thus could not contribute. Although today is Sunday, I am in my office, as I have been rostered for this day, and could carry on with our musical discussion.

    Seems like you have got a nice collection of songs, with some choicest contribution from our colleagues on this thread. You are right when you say that this site (especially the thread which we are using) is the place for all the music lovers, where we can share our views and express our opinions on the subject.

    The problem is that even the people who have music player switched on, but instead of listening to it, go on chatting with each other ceaselessly, or if they do listen they do so without even getting to the soul of the song, they also consider themselves music lovers.

    The fact is that people do not seem to distinguish “noise” from “sound.” Therefore they equate soulful, heart warming and nostalgic songs as crap or “noise,” and the crap such as Ek baar aaja aaja by HR, as thue music or “sound.”

    Thanks Almighty, that we have so many sensible souls on-board that we have been spared the agony of feeling totally left out or being alone in the musical universe.


    I have received your e-mail, and have also replied to the same. I hope something good does materialise from our initiatives. I think we will need help from our fellows too.


    You must have also learnt from Basumatika regarding Poonam. What should we do now, please let us know.

    By the way, you have really the raw nerve, because at this point of time, we were desparetly in need of some remedy to cure the havoc wreaked in SRGMP, and the collection you gave the link for is simply soothing and therapautic in nature. Bina Tel Malish ya champi karvae huwe his sardard ghayab ho gaya. Thanks for it.

  7. @0.02Worth

    I’m pretty much around, been regulary reading this blog and enjoying the songs posted by all. You were right when you said that there are so many songs that darg you down memorylane, but most of these songs are arranged in Haphazard manner and if you listen to any colection, it swings from sad to joyous to mild, ghazal to dadra to teen taal one after the other and there is a genuine need to have a collection categorized by mood and the base raag and taal.there are numerous compsitions that are fading from our memories bcoz of apka suroor and mayya mayya trash( I genuinely appoligize to the lovers of the said songs, Its purely based on my ignorance ! ).

    Also, If you remember , I suggested that you create ablog and almost everybody in this thread seconded the same. As the SRGMP comes to an end, I freeze to think that if these discussions are not saved , archived or moved, it will disappear into cyber-oblivion. At teh same time, soem very intelligent, emotional and really genuine people will be lost, its a diversion for all of us that for a split second transport us back to a particular day, incidence or a vivid memory or maybe a flashback. Trust me, the day sumitro mentioned the song by Arti Mukherjee, my soul was elated to a level where it was about to flee my mortal casing. Why ? I dont know, but perhaps that was the days calling, and the whole day, I genuinely thanked Sumitro for reminding me of this beautiful composition. Once Again thanks Sumitro.

    I also enjoyed a ton of awesome peotry, some hillarious comments and some mockery as well. Also, reading to the posts is like going through a lot of invaluable information which has no boundries of religion, region and language, we have a commoen adhesive called MUSIC. It always amazes me that some of the compositions are so much etched into my mind that just the alap makes me jump to the “murkis” and “kerwa” ! whether its nostalgia, madness or appreciation, I don’t care, it makes me Brave another day with a touch of class and a pride that I have a placeholder of so many immortal compositions, lyrics and magic. please add these 2 song to your list.

    Ankhon hi ankhon mein ishara hogaya ( jan nisar Akhtar)

    Kanton se kheench ke yeah aanchal ( Guide ). BTW, I was wondering if someday in “Some” thread we shall discuss the lyricists of so many songs hat are immortal.

    Regards to All


  8. @All Music lovers,
    I am really touched by the 6th Oct episode of SRGMP and thats due to the soulful performance of Amanat. I had lost charm in SRGMP after the elimination of Mussarat but luckily I watched it today due to someone’s info about Amanat’s song.
    He sang “Tujhse naraaz nahin” with such emotion and soul that it brought everyone in tears and made the guests and mentors speachless.
    To me it was the Amant’s BEST and magical performance in SRGMP 2007 after his “Albela Sajan” and he was twice lucky to have infront of him some true admirors of music (poor Mussarat was isulted indeed by Sajid khan’s comments of “Jitna achha tumhara kurta hai utni achhi tumhari awaz hai”)
    Amanat has showed his class by getting acclodes from all the learned music judges/lovers. He is surely a cut above from the other 2 finalists regardless of the outcome of final voting results. He has already been declared a real winner by Mahagurus and almost all the guests today said “You are the best”

    Furthermore, he is never hyped by ID as other mentors do for their singers. Even Shekhar has outdone ID in praising the class of Amanat ans has proved himself the best judge of music among all the mentors. Its credit to Amanat that he has kept his modesty and dignity while receiving all sorts of comments. It shows how good human being he is. Its really commendable for this guy in the age of just 19.
    We, the viewers in north America, are seriously disappointed by ZEE for its editing of this particular episode. Its really a shame that they cut the touching parts of Amanat’s performance as well as the comments of the guests. ZEE even didn’t show his performance twice where as he actually sang it 3 times on the insistence from mentors/guests while the performances of Rja & Aneek were shown twice as they happened.
    I am thankful to internet that I could view the whole part. So I will request to all who haven’t viewed the full part of Amant’s last round performance. Pl don’t miss it otherwise u will regret.

    Last but not the least, I salute Indian public for showing great support for music and bringing Amanat so far in this show.


  9. @sweety @Gaffar
    you r also acting like Gaffar!! We dont want so much lectures from u guys dont have any work? Kuch kaam karo … tab desh ka development hoga. sirf baat karne se desh ka kuch hone wala nahi hai. I think HIMESH phir bhi thora better hai than u guys. HIMESH to sudhar gaya…. Tum log kab sudhroge!!!! Itna sadela aur Paka hua discussion bandh karo abhi nahi to HIMESH jaisa haal ho jayega. Be Stupid… but dont make us Stupid.

  10. ok Aneek Fans

    Voting trend looks encouraging

    But Only 5 days left!
    Remember he is still trailing

    Now for the Final Push. Vote Now and Vote Often.

    Aneek Fan Club

  11. Shashi,pls put this petition online for zee& Poonam’s fan’s to sign!we have very little time!

    Dear zee,

    By now Poonam yadav has been declared as the best female singer on saregama 2007! I feel that her elimination was unjust! She should have been in the finals as she is the most versatile singer on saregama! Her singing is soulful & divine! She can sing melodious, classical, as well as masti) songs! According to many of us on this forum, she is the most powerful voice on saregama! Even pundit jasraj complemented her classical singing ability! But unfortunately she is the most underrated performer! None of the guru’s took a special note of her, except HR, who emphasized on her poor background & damaged her rather than appreciating her singing talent & helping her!In her elemination episode,she requested all mahaguru;s to help her in her singing career or help her find her a guru but no one came forward! i am totally disappointed by ID,VS & HR.
    By just declaring her as the best female singer of saregama won’t help! We would like Zee to award her as the best female singer of saregama & award singing contracts along with some cash prize to her! Sincerely she deserves it! Many of us, her ardent fans r trying to raise some funds for her! Pls do something for Poonam & don’t let her go back to Lucknow into oblivion! Pls. support her stay in Bombay till she establishes herself as a playback singer in bollywood or help her to find a Guru to pursue great heights in classical singing. This is a sincere request from Poonam’s fan club!

    @Ghaffarbhai, Sweety, Senty, anon, Basit, Rekhaji, and other Poonam fans you requested to kindly second and support this effort. This is a special request to all of you from Basumatikaji. We request your kind co-operation. Thanks

  12. Dear Shashi,
    hi! i am writting to u in desparation.I talked to poonam several times,she is a very good soul , humble person & also naive to the extent of not knowing how to open bank account!I tried to call ismailji(?,do i have to call him that respectfully?,big question!) a zillion times! i listened to cool english pop hundered times as his ringtone! finally,mercifully he answered my call! i asked very politely to him what can i do to help poonam & the dude answers,”Dua karo!” How cool!I almost went into trance! I composed myself & told him that only dua doesn’t help in this world,we need to take some positive action! After listening to me ,he was in rush to hang up on me by telling that he is with his doctor(or physician?)& he will let me know.I waited patiently for couple of hours,forgetting my sleep(taking into consideraton time differance ).& sent him 5 sms but he didn’t respond!
    So i am sending u a petition for Zee(which i already did,wrote to Mr.kaul & Ms patel,but didn’t get any reply ).I feel u have better power over them so pls forward it to them.The regular forum members whoever wants to sign will sign but i do not want to delay as grand finale is on oct,13th.i am sending a separate message to that effect.pls put it on our forum!Thanx,i trust u !

    From – Basumatika

  13. @Basumatika and @Ashraf Hussain,

    I fully support the petition written by Basumatika to Zee, about honouring Poonam on the Grand finale of SRGMP, as well as helping her in pursuing her career as a singer in Mumbai.

    I am not supporting this petition just out of any kind of sympathy for Poonam. I feel this girl is truly worth it. In fact, her singing talent and her versatility combined with her simplicity deserves much much more than this. This is the least Zee TV could do for her.

    Secondly, she is the one who needs most, a support of this kind. Her family background is not that strong, that it could support her in achieving her goals. She is talented, but as we all know, in this “Mayanagari” of Mumbai, it is very difficult to survive without a proper backing.

    So I also appeal to Zee TV to do something in this direction and does not let this star fade out, which is shining so brightly today on the sky of Indian music Industry.


  14. Count me in as a Poonam supporter and I fully endorse and support a petition to Zee to honor her. I just fail to understand how the so called gurus failed to even recognize Poonam leave alone offer her an assignment. Such gross injustice to such divine talent.

  15. @Ghaffarbhai, jmkegeo,Simi, $0.02, senty, Avinash, Anon, Mehfil and Komal where are you all. We need your support too. So please hurry up with regard to the petition.

    There is one more thing I has been bothering me for quite sometime. Do these Musical Talent Hunt shows realistically have any credibility if a person has to struggle like crazy to get work in the Hindi Playback Industry (I am ignoring Regional work)? What is the point of participating in such a competition if you have to struggle for 5-10 years after winning? These shows are extremely misleading to contestants and even to a large chunk of the public.

    I believe that Poonam should follow the path of Saptak Bhattacharjee, and attend shows/concerts, till the time she gets proper break. Given that how busy Saptak is running from place to place to appear in these shows, and get paid pretty well. Saptak first made his name by appearing in SAREGAMAPA FAME 2005. From then on , there was no turning back . He completely devastated his oponents in this compettition in the beginning phase. Though he was eliminated from SRGMP, he did not stop there . He continued to sing in BENGALI films and even released his own BENGALI album which was a hit among the fans .

    May be people in UK or US/Canada, and in India too, who are in a right position can organize concerts for people like Poonam and Musarrat, so that they get the proper foothold, and necessary base to launch their career. If they are successful in these shows, they will earn enough money to sustain themselves, till the time proper break come their way. While doing these shows/concerts they will remain in touch with the audience, and people will continue to remember them. Once they do find good offers and their songs/albums come out, these will be easily lapped up by the already buoyant audience. Even if Poonam or Musarrat don’t shine as playback singers instantly and have to struggle for a while or more…the fact is they will never ever be short on money or assignments.

    Otherwise, look at Parthiv Gohil – it took him 9 years of networking and stage shows to get a proper playback song in Saawariya even after winning the SRGM Megafinals in 1998. Even Debojit, Nihira, Hema, Nihira, Abhijeet, Karunya are struggling to get regular work in the mainstream Hindi music industry.

    These gurus/mentors and these contests have proved to be nothing but opportunistic entities, making hay at the expense of contestants. Contestants sing their hearts out, and people respond with SMS. What happen next? The result is – Publicity and popularity of the show = More revenue for Zee and fatter paychecks for the mentors at the expense of these singers. Organisers and mentors collude to manipulate the results and cheat (even their own) contestants out of the show.

    Members of our forum might or might not be in a position to organize concerts/shows, but they might be knowing people who can do so. Event organisers are also in the business to make money. If they are convinced that by hosting certain performers will supplant their bank balance, they are surely going to be a game for it. So, it is my earnest request, to all our fellow forum members, from US, UK, Canada, India, or anywhere else for that matter, wherever we have a large Indo-Pak population, to please contact well connected and influential people to help organize concerts/shows our own Poonam and Musarrat (considering that others have already got numerous offers to sing) can perform, and are able to sustain themselves till the right time.

  16. Dear Ashraf Bhai:

    You have a heart of gold.

    I had stopped visiting this thread, because I thought this link has become defunct.

    Pls. do let me know how you plan to proceed and I will do everything within my means to help out.

    There is a link for mussarat on the main page, can we ask $ashi to put a link for Poonam also on the main page ?


  17. @Ashraf Husain ji,
    Another idea, how about sending “request letters” to Zee TV to support Poonam on their response e-mail address. I found the following contact numbers and e-mail addresses for Zee TV on yahoo:

    Zee TV
    135, Continental Building,
    Dr. Annie Besant Road,
    Mumbai – 400018

    Send in your feedback to:-
    (Kindly mention your name and country.)

    I think the feedback e-mail address should work.

    your thoughts on it—-

  18. @$0.02Worth

    Of course. It will be better if $ashi puts up a separate link for Poonam, or turn this thread into a separate link on the main page. All of us can visit that link and have a discussion. Please remember, at present this is the only thread where we can discuss about Poonam and Musarrat. $ashi has assured in his post that this thread will neither be retired, taken off or made obsolete, and we can continue with it. Thanks $ashi for his commitment. However, we have not yet heard from him regarding the petition, or any other effort on his part, with regard to our request.

  19. @Rekhaji

    In one of my earlier posts I have reproduced the contents of the Petition (requ es to $hashi) by Basumatikaji, wherein she has mentioned that she has already written to Zee people (Mr Kaul and Miss Patel) but has got no response whatsoever, and thus she made a request to $hashi.

    I am not sure if writing to Zee will matter at all, considering that time is running fast and the Grand Finale is on 13th Oct. I will only be watching for the sake of Poonam and Musarrat, both having the most powerful voice, clearest diction and pronunciation. After that it will be Sayonara SRMP and Zee forever. Unless a miracle happen, and Yamraj himself come in the dreams of power that be, and make them realise their folly, and make amends for their omissions and commissions, treachery and betrayal of highest order. When we all resolve and put into practice, not to watch SRGMP or any ZEE program in the future, and Zee people come to know that TRP is falling, then perhaps they will mend their ways, and for next edition will have HR and ID thrown out of the show.

  20. $hashi

    One behalf of all the Poonam fans, I request you to kindly create a separate thread dedicated solely to Poonam, where all Poonam fans can participate in healthy discussions. Thanks for everything that you have done, and are doing, and will be doing.

  21. Ashraf

    Buddy,i will be in Sandiego & Orange county for the next 6 days.As & when i am free i will look into the forum.But my dear friend,u keep on raising the voice for Poonam tilloct 13th.i am sending another email to Zee.Nothing like trying bcse that is in our hands!there is still a 1% chance of miracle in this case but i am ready to fight for that 1% bcse i do not want to disappear from this planet with the guilt feeling that i could have done something for Poonam’s award & i didn’t!
    i am very proud of u for ur support to indian koel Poonam!.Thanx a lot! i will be in touch!

  22. Dear Ashraf,
    I fully agree with you, and all those who support POONAM AND MUSSARRAT, and of course we all love young Amanat as well. It will be a novel idea to render as much help to Poonam and Mussarrat in the shape of organizing concerts in the U.S.A. and Canada, and the team can include, as I brought out yesterday, i.e., Amanat, Aneek, Raja, Sumedha, Mauli, Junaid, and Harpreet and even the guy from Assam. We should also help Poonam and Musarrat to take out their Albums. It will help them financially as well as bring them to lime light as far as their career in singing is concerned.

    Also keep on writing to the SA RE GA MA PA organizers i.e., Gajender singh Ji to ensure that POONAM does get an award for standing first amongst female participants. I am sure ZEE is making good enough money to entertain our request for Poonam.

    Please keep on voting for Amanat if you really like his voice.

    With love to you all.

    – Sarbjit S. Bajwa

  23. i do not know what will happen but to me amanat is a class. he has taken birth to sing songs. he sings from the core of his heart and never copies other. he has already won the contest because he is above this contest. he is a complete playback singer and can fit in the lips of devanand saheb to ranbir singh. he is the gift of god to us and we are very lucky to have amanat with us. i wish he stays back in india with us so that we can feel amanat.”AMANAT STAY AS YOU ARE FOREVER. WE LOVE YOU FROM THE CORE OF OUR HEART. YOU ARE IN OUR HEART, IN BLOOD AND IN BREATH. WE WANT YOU AS FUTURE RAFI SAHEB AND KISHORE KUMAR”. this is heart felt wish for you amanat from anirban.

  24. @ Sarbit S Bajwa,
    PL google Gagendra Singh and learn the facts

    The 14-year-old relationship between Gajendra Singh, the man behind ‘Antakshari’, and his parent channel Zee has ended on a bitter note with the music-scout moving out with bag, baggage and creativity to the flourishing STAR network.

    Singh refuses to speak against Zee. But the hurt is evident when he talks about his long association during which he discovered striking singing talent and gave Zee its only constant and steady TRP booster.

    ‘I wouldn’t like to take credit for the success of either ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ or ‘Antakshari’. Instead, I’d like to thank Zee for giving me a platform. However, it was time for me to move on. I’m looking forward to working closely with STAR,’ Singh told …..

    HE IS NOT WITH ZEE ANYMORE hence the present chaos…

  25. Hey All

    Firstly, thank you all for all the info abt SRGMP 2007 its been very very informative. I’ve heard that these contestants are coming to Toronto, Canada, so if anyone knows where in toronto and wat date can you please please please let me know. I really really really wanna see them LIVE.


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