Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs International

After the huge success of saregamapa challenge 2005, 2007 and Lil Champs, Zee TV is going to start ‘Little Champs International’. This time little champs will go internationally. So be ready for it. If you are less than 13 yrs old and want to become little champs, then please record a CD in your voice and send it to the following address

Little Champs,
Plot NO. 99
Marol Coperative Industrial Estate,
Marol, Andheri (East)
Mumbai – 59

The Auditions for ‘Little Champs International’

1. 22nd Sept 07 – Chandigarh
2. 23rd Sept 07 – Delhi
3. 22nd Sept 07 – Ahmedabad
4. 23rd Sept 07 – Kolkata
5. 29th Sept 07 – Mumbai

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  3. i want to particepate in little champs my birth date is 30th july 1999 kindly inform what and when to do

  4. i want to participate in little champs birth date 30th july 1999 kindly inform what and when to do i am from nagpur

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