Mauli Dave – Texas USA

She has just performed in last episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa challenge 2007 and everybody is only talking about her. She is a cute girl from Texas, USA and she is the part of Bappida’s Josh Gharana. Here are some more information about her.

- She is 19 years old.
- She is daughter of Hemant and Dipti Dave, sister of Omkar Dave, and granddaughter of Mahendra & Sumati Dave and Shankar Dave.
- She is studying in 2nd year of college at University of Houstonwith ‘Graphic Communications’ as major.
- She has done ‘Rangapravesham’ in Kuchipudi classical dancing in the year 1999 at Ahmedabad. Mauli learned Bharatnatyam from her mother Dipti Dave.
- She was finalist in ‘Boogie Woogie, Chalo America’. dance competition organized by Sony TV in the year 2003.
- In August, 2006, during participation in NRI Antakshari organized by Annu Kapoor, Mauli’s singing talent was much appreciated by all the visiting members from Mumbai. Annu Kapoor expressed that she has lots of potential and deserves better platform.
- Mauli, with her brother Omkar had her first Bhajan album (CD) titled “Prabhu Tare Pagathiye” released in September 2006. The bhajans are in Gujarati and have been comoposed by Omkar. The music arrangement is also by Omkar. Mauli, Omkar and Hemant have provided vocal. The recording was done in June, 2006 at studio Mrudang, Ahmedabad.

Her First performance on Saregamapa:

Picture Gallery of Mauli Dave:

Mauli Dave Miss Teen India

She was crowned as Miss Teen India Texas 2007

Mauli Dave and Sagar DaveMauli with her brother Sagar

Mauli Dave
Mauli Dave
Mauli Dave
Mauli Dave
Mauli Dave
Mauli Dave

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134 thoughts on “Mauli Dave – Texas USA

  1. Hi Mauli ,

    This is prashant here , I really like ur voice and ur personality ..U really looks like super star , U deserve to be in SARE…PA , I wish U all the best.

    With Love,

  2. mauli sorry beta but you are really bad at singing all you can sing is mayya mayya. be an actress or something of the sort

  3. hi mauli ,
    i have been watching saregama rite from the beginning n i liked u in the beginning, thot u rock, but then later i came to know wht real talent of sining is all about when i saw raja, poonam, aneek, sumedha, nirupama n others..sorry, but u were not fitting anywhere in the picture..and yes..i felt so bad when nirupama had to go just coz of u..n it was quite evident that she went COZ OF YOUUUU…she sang so well..only coz she didnt do “ohhh”s n “ahh”s n she’s not from US..she was out..but you shoudl now atleast realise n give others a fair chance…please dont ruin this competition…its real serious can really do well..but later..nt now…you are so still need time to prove yourself…dont waste other participants efforts…i request you to leave and dont let someone else eliminate..pleaseeeeee…if you do this…you’ll gain a real respect from me n many others…believe me MANYYYY…

    n best of luck for your future..

  4. heyy Mauli, i just wanna say ur rele good at singign and u r verry pretty.i watched all the episodes so far and i think ur the best, and i hope u win in saregamapa…… is my email. lol i hope u email me sumtime lol. :-)

  5. mauli u rreally dam gud and i like ur way of singing that mast andaz …………. but i should say 1 thing to u plz keep going and i want u to win this contest ur not big but fan ……………..

  6. Mauli!!! sorry I know you didn’t make it…..but believe me …Some of your performances….have rocked like none other contestant have ever….I know you didn’t sing well in many eppisode…and ofcourse better contestant gonaa win but…believe me you rocked SRGMP…and specifically made me 2 start seeing such a crapy show;)….thanks … u rocked…

  7. Hey Mauli, i will Buy your First CD and that Too Original. You have a Damn Rocking Voice The Coooooooooolest One, and Mind it I am using Capital “T” All THE VERY BEST OF THE BEST AND Hey Never Waste The Peals of Ur EYES. LOVE YOU ROCKING STAR

  8. hi,mauli i am your best fan of your maymaya song . it is one of my favirtoe songs . ilove the way you performe at stage.

  9. hi ,mauli you will b surprsies to known my name . but i must tell you that i also like sing your best song mayamaya . and you know what my friend told ijust sing like you.if you come to india do met me we wiil have fun. i live in dehradun a hiil station in uttranchal.

  10. I am Mauli’s cousin. Her brother’s name is Omkar. The caption with the photo of Mauli and her brother (shown above) incorrectly says that her brother is Sagar.

  11. Hi Alls,

    You know guys i met her at Kuwait when she came here for a show organised by Entertainment Vision of Kuwait and i was lucky to see her and shake hand then kissed my hand for long time (hehehe) with i could preserve the fragrance of her hand in my hand hehehe i always liked her so much, she is so cute and and great person, so dear and innocent lovely it was a great Exprience to watch this show. I must Thank organizers of the Show Mr. Preet Bhasin, Rehan Chogle and a kind guy who hand me tickets at my door step Mr. Rahul Thank you so much.

  12. i justlove u like anything infact i also made a sketch of u.Hoping ur love with aditya is going well.Im Srishti’s good friend.i hope to see u in real life.

  13. hi mauli i m a big fan of u i come at juhu i show u at there but many cloud there so i cant meet u, i m gujju as like u. hey i try to give audition of saregamapa2008 just to meat u and going for select. if i will select then i meat u i hope. thanx a lot ur biggest fan krish(kartik)

  14. hi mauli appi iam nabaa from bangladesh i just want to say u rock so keep spreading your music and magic!bye!!

  15. u r so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love u

  16. hey all,
    to all those who think mauli is a terrible singer, talent or no talent i am aghast at the bad blood brewing for her. i guess all bcoz she is blessed in certain departments where the others dont stand a chance…its amazing to see pppl suggest dat that she wud go packing her bags coz someone else is going to be kicked out…yeah but wat exactly then is the show abt?? n yeha one more thing..if she lacks vocal skills she makes up amply in other aspects…dis woman is gonna go places..coz a market for dis chick exists….n its really unfair to be so critical of someone jus coz he/she is from u.s and looks affluent..

  17. u r so good mam, i like u r voice, when u sang a song that time u r face expreson.. that day i see one my sister and u r pix thats pix realy cool mama.. she told me about u r self i tealy i like u mam….

  18. mauli stay away from aditya narayan because he is mine mind your own bissness
    and adi loves me not u ok and u r my enemy ‘
    how dare u to love adi plese reply
    your enemy siddhi shah
    4571 kenny rd columbus ohio

  19. HEY….. Remember me!? Im zara, ur dad mr. Dave is/ was a really gud friend of my dad…..adil……my dad used 2 do the video stuff 4 weddings n ur dad wuz the dj….jus wanted 2 tell ya luv ur voice……bye!

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